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Soldier of Fortune Gameplay

Mowing down dudes in this classic shooter known for its variety of sadistic animations.

3:20Arctic canyon

4:51Arctic base

6:41Cargo room

8:08Crotch shot

9:02Operations sector



15:12Parking stairs

17:29Suni office

22:58Final Boss

Developer:Raven Software

Played on Custom difficulty with Standard enemies and Numerous spawns. I played through the game once against Aggressive enemies, but it was pretty trial and error because the game throws situations at you that you cannot foresee and enemies react very quickly, so save scumming was necessary. Most enemies are not that threatening, but snipers will absolutely wreck you if you don't know where they are beforehand. Late-game enemies have weapons that will just chew through your armour, even one-shotting you with the dreaded microwave gun.

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