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Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay

Chopping and popping heads in this gory action-packed thriller.



2:41Dash vortex

3:12Crowd brawl

3:59Shade junkies

4:28Christmas streets

6:28Saw blade action


8:52Saw blade and revolver

10:27Old villages

11:40Night melee

13:15Futuristic city

14:11Battle axe

16:34Extra fast mini-boss

18:23Revolver head shots

24:23Rocket launcher

27:15Mech boss

Developer:Flying Wild Hog
Publisher:Devolver Digital

Played on Who Wants Wang (Hard) difficulty. My impression is that it is an incredibly satisfying game where the action is fun in itself rather as a means to get good gear. However, the initial experience is underwhelming because there's so much loot that offers marginal, yet necessary improvements. It requires a lot of manual filtering of useful versus useless properties, the enemies are quite bullet spongy without the more powerful weapons and mods, which causes you to awkwardly reload and even run out of ammo while enemies are lunging at you, and it expects you to stop the action to click through menus because you need to swap weapon mods to handle different elemental resistances. Why couldn't they use something like Mass Effect's ammo power system? I would rather that they dropped the loot system entirely and focus on leveling up skills that do everything the loot does.

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