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SWAT 4 Gameplay - DuPlessis Diamond Center

Going lethal and creeping through one of the harder missions in the game.

0:00Lobby start

0:43Security room

1:59Lobby 2nd floor


4:18Conference room

5:07Middle office

5:54Large office

6:48Back entrance lobby

8:00Long office

9:411st floor

9:59Small appraisal room

11:57Large appraisal room

13:26Vault entrance

15:39Vault interior


Developer:Irrational Games

I played using the expansion, which includes suspects who can get up after surrendering, coordinated entries, and having a melee attack.

This is my first attempt at recording gameplay footage. Initially, I was planning to do post-recording, voiced commentary, since I am utterly incapable of playing and talking at the same time. Since I had no idea how that worked, I thought I could deliberately leave pauses when I could talk and explain things, but then coming up with a script and timing became an issue. I then realized I suck at talking, period. So, I decided to go for subtitles instead, but I had to edit out all the awkward pauses. I also edited out some of the more uneventful segments, but in hindsight, I think I could have left more in.

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