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Cities: Skylines Efficient City Guide

ChockrickBearJul 3, 2022 12:13pm EDT
[t]Ideological bias in game design[/t]
Cities: Skylines is built on a leftist model of economics. Everyone is equal and maximal in potential, wealth is unlimited, competition is meaningless, education determines outcome, people depend on the government for growth, and government can afford everything and satisfy everyone in the long run. Big government is needed for a prosperous society because the private sector is incapable of doing anything on its own. Government spending is a perpetual motion machine that uplifts more and more people without limit, and extracts more and more tax money out of society without consequences. The game mechanics form an implicit narrative that government causes inequality through denial of services, not because inequality is a natural outcome of human differences in an objective reality.

Then again, there would not be much of a game if you were not in control of everything, not to mention modelling anything more complex would be well, complex. Just remember that games are not necessarily neutral and accurate models of reality, even though they can be branded as "simulation". Things only work the way they do because the developers made it that way according to their world view, so doing well requires you to submit to their rules regardless of what you personally believe or how reality actually works. I build egalitarian cities because the game does not create any incentive to discriminate. If it did, the developers would be on the social justice chopping block to be destroyed in the name of equity.