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The nature of God, atheism, and Marxism

ChockrickBearJun 8, 2021 1:14pm EDT
[t]Explaining Sister Miriam's conundrum[/t]
[q]Some would ask, how could a perfect God create a universe filled with so much that is evil. They have missed a greater conundrum: why would a perfect God create a universe at all?[/q]
The problem with the claim that God is all-loving and all-powerful is that it is in direct contradiction to the existence of evil in the world. The idea of God loving everyone only makes sense as a lie to appease the masses and protect the privileged religious authorities. It is easy to turn to atheism to rebel against religion and believe in a better reality without such inequality. However, when you understand God as a metaphor for reality itself, believing in a life without suffering is like believing in a life without consequences. Just because an authority is corrupt doesn't mean everything they espouse is objectively wrong, which is why turning to atheism as a contrarian knee-jerk response is not the best move. The question is not, "Does God exist?", but rather, "Is God the entity you think it is?"

People suffer to show you what works and what doesn't. God is perfect not because it is supposed to be some helicopter parent spoiling you and shielding you from reality, but because it will consistently show you the consequences of your actions, and it is up to you to learn from it. There would be no technology if reality suddenly changed on a whim and we have to reinvent everything. Communism was a disaster because it persisted in its delusion of a subjective reality where inequality is solely the result of a socially and arbitrarily constructed system. When some things work and other things don't, that forms an objective narrative of what is useful and ultimately what is moral. Evil is very much a part of the perfection of the universe. It is the balancing force that prevents you from deciding reality is whatever you want it to be.

This kind of narrative can be extended to explain why we exist. Earth did not simply spawn into existence as it is. It is the result of particles floating in space, being attracted to each other, combining into increasingly complex molecules under perfect conditions, and eventually forming a large mass with a hodgepodge of different things. Some things combine to form stronger, more complex bonds, some things remain neutral and drift away from each other, while others react and annihilate each other. The only things that exist today are that which are adapted to continue existing by finding a careful balance between forming useful bonds, distancing themselves from what is unnecessary, and destroying that which threatens their progress. It is the process of natural selection that forms an objective narrative of what is better and thus what we should work towards. That which fails this process simply ceases to exist and is no longer relevant to those that continue to exist.

Therefore, the point of life is to develop yourself and become like God, taking the mess of the things around you, refining it into more useful forms, and perpetuating existence to continue the process into eternity. Because humans did not create reality, this meaning cannot be considered subjective. Existence is universal to everyone whether or not they can put it into words. However, humans can stray from this path out of ignorance or competitive intent. Belief in a subjective reality is useful if you are low on the social hierarchy and seek to perpetuate your own existence by convincing others that you are equally valid to those who are more successful than you. But in the end, you can only shift the competitive priority, not eliminate the fact of competition, which is why it all boils down to a Marxist power grab.

Alpha Centauri's writing is brilliant in that it effectively represents such wildly different ideologies without explicitly painting anyone as wrong and evil, but everyone is based on a philosophical foundation of an objective higher order (e.g. God, science, nature, markets, collectives, strength, freedom). All of the faction leaders are right in their own way, but as humans, they can become too sure of themselves and slide down the slippery slope to extremism. Even you, the player, can be too sure of yourself to the point of seeing factions like the Lord's Believers as nothing more than religious nutjobs who can be eradicated with the approval of your conscience, notwithstanding the AI being programmed to hate your efficient governance and be evil so you actually have an excuse to bring out your shiny new toys. Understanding all perspectives and grounding yourself in the objective reality is the key to becoming a better person. But even if you are enlightened, others may not be, so you have to be prepared to fight to secure your existence.