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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

ChockrickBearFeb 1, 2021 5:15pm EST
[t]The difference between leftist and rightist writing[/t]
I briefly mentioned at the end of my review that Raiden develops as a character by learning from his enemies while Kirito has no room for change because he is just different and better than his enemies. This highlights the difference between rightist and leftist writing. It follows the adage that the right thinks the left is misguided, while the left thinks the right is evil.

Raiden starts off as a literal social justice warrior who worships the weak. But by the end, he adopts the memes of his enemies and learns to fight for himself, which is the path of a misguided leftist changing course to align himself with honesty and impartial truth. On the other hand, Kirito is morally flawless, and his enemies are just bad people who spout dangerous lies that taint the minds of the innocent. The intrinsic disloyalty in him romancing all of the girls is not only hand-waved away, but implied to be his reward for his unparalleled virtue.

When Kirito is already better than everyone by default, there is nothing for him to learn, which is why he is the same person from start to finish. Leftists never compromise with their enemies because it is irrational to sacrifice good for evil. In their mind, there is nothing good about the right, no real downsides to and contradictions in their beliefs, and any shift towards the right is a strict downgrade. They just expect their enemies to submit or die.