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Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Review

ChockrickBearJul 26, 2020 12:38pm EDT
[t]The sophistry of systemic racism[/t]
Since I mentioned colonialism in this review, and with all of the systemic racism hoo-ha going on, it is worth expanding on my perspectives. I also figured it would be better to trim out tangential, but interesting discussion topics from the review and make more use of my comment system.

The idea that colonialism created a system of racism holding the natives back is nonsense given that they were never socioeconomically equal to the Europeans prior to contact. When the Europeans came in with their mansions and guns, the natives had tipis and spears, which makes it highly unlikely they would have replicated the Europeans' wealth in the absence of colonization. Inequality is not proof of injustice, and white people have no responsibility to create equal outcomes when they have to do all of the skilled work that creates all of the difference. Considering that the natives have access to the modern economies and civil societies that would not exist otherwise, they are better off today than they could have ever been by themselves. Living in ghettos with high crime is still better than living in tents with hostile tribes invading and enslaving them.

And no, you cannot simultaneously believe in cultural relativism and complain about inequality because perceiving inequality requires comparison by a common standard. If wealth doesn't matter, then neither does inequality. You only complain about inequality because you want what other people have despite cultural differences, and the whole concept of reparations depends on white people's wealth having value to the natives. White culture is demonstrably superior because it produces the things people want, so they deserve to be on top so that they can produce more and benefit more people over the long run. Rejecting this hierarchy is just bad faith argumentation.

Note that [l=]colonialism was done out of a belief in helping the weak[/l], which made it another case of leftist "compassion" rife with double standards and atrocities against opposition. "Political theorists have struggled with the difficulty of reconciling ideas about [social justice with the practice of violent oppression]" because they don't realize that helping people costs resources that someone has to provide. They don't realize that leftists have to acquire resources through coercion because they cannot just pull them from behind their back like the Good Samaritan. They don't realize that leftists are still humans who lack the attention span to truly care about everyone, yet it is precisely this selective attention that creates inequality.

Leftists do not follow any sort of internal consistency because their beliefs are built on fantasy, and serve only to create an image of moral superiority to gain recognition and ultimately, power. They fail to follow through on their beliefs and are blind to their own hypocrisy because they are motivated more by acquiring social status than loving people they don't know. Like everyone else, they want the nicest things for themselves while rejecting the things they don't like to preserve their time, resources, and emotions. However, they use morality rather than productivity to socially compete for what they want. Instead of having to provide valuable labour to others, paying for things, and leaving what they cannot afford to ensure a sustainable balance of production and consumption, they expect to just be given what they want according to their moral status, hence the systemic racism and reparations nonsense based on the same leftist mentality that led to colonialism. Instead of colonizing countries, they want to colonize established companies and communities and call it "diversity and inclusion".