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Mouse DPI, Sensitivity, and Precision

ChockrickBearJan 23, 2022 1:56am EST
[t]Logitech G403 Hero: When it comes to gaming mice, less is more[/t]
One thing that bugged me about the Logitech G502 is that it is heavy. It feels laggy to move around, exacerbated by the scroll wheel jiggling around due to the horizontal tilt buttons and the free scrolling feature that requires space clearance. I first bought it because I hated the G500s I had at the time. The G500s was slippery, bulky, and had an off-centre sensor that felt awkward. The shape was not ideal for claw-gripping, but I did like the idea of having an extra button next to the left-click, which is useful for an attack-move macro for real-time strategies. The G502 had much better feel, and it was considered the most accurate mouse at the time. However, I had the feeling that a lighter mouse would be even better.

The G403 Hero has less buttons and features than the G502, but that is what makes it significantly lighter, not to mention cheaper. While I do miss the extra buttons next to the left-click, and the wheel does not have horizontal tilt scrolling, one feature I have noticed is that the middle-click has a bias on the left side that allows me to click it by just sliding my index finger and pushing against the left side of the wheel rather than having to put my finger on top and press straight down. This allows for very quick middle-clicks, and you can reassign the button to a useful macro.

Just when I thought I could not get a more accurate sensor, now comes the new Hero sensor that allows up to 25600 DPI. However, in MS Paint tests, I noticed that max DPI jitters out on occasion when slowly drawing lines, creating kinks and loops up to a few pixels wide. It is not really noticeable in CS:GO since I set my sensitivity low enough, although it might cause some slight inconsistency in how the edges of the geometry shift. That said, 25600 DPI reaches into diminishing returns territory for fine aiming smoothness, so I stick with 12000 DPI just to be safe.

The body has a slightly wider and taller grip than the G502, making it a better fit for claw-gripping. The right side is slightly angled outwards to better accommodate my ring finger, whereas the G502 has a protruding edge that uncomfortably pushes my ring finger to cram together with my pinky. In fact, my pinky has a bit of joint swelling from using the G502 for so long. In hindsight, it is a bad mouse if you have fairly wide hands and use a claw grip, even though I see it being recommended for people with large hands. The G403 is slightly better, but not ideal due to the sub-optimal pinky support.

Also, I am not quite sure why, but I have found that I can handle a higher sensitivity with the G403, allowing me to aim slightly faster without sacrificing precision. Perhaps it is due to the lower weight that does not require me to fight the inertia as much. It makes me curious about what an even lighter mouse would be like. Overall, it is a good mouse and I definitely recommend it over the G502 because weight and ergonomics takes priority over extra buttons.