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ChockrickBearJun 26, 2018 2:31pm EDT
[t]Jun. 26, 2018 - ChockrickBear Gaming is open for business![/t]
It's been a long road for me to get to this point, even though it is only the beginning. It's scary because I have no idea what might happen from here on. Anyways, take a look around, sign up for an account, and participate in discussions if you desire. You can start at the About page for an introduction. I've produced a bunch of content in the past year I've been working on this website and I will do some proof-reading and release them gradually.

One of the features of my website is that it saves your last viewed items so that you can access them quickly through the menu. It also saves the scroll position of the window every 10 seconds so you can leave and pick up where you left off later, so you don't have to read everything in one sitting. For videos, it keeps track of your time position. The menu will only save the last 10 items and forgets items that drop off the list. All of this information is stored locally in your web browser using localStorage, so you will need to clear your cookies if you want to wipe it and it won't be available across different devices.

Here is some information on my forum system:
- See my [l=]Policy[/l] article for rules.
- Comments are structured in a branching manner with every comment acting like its own thread. You can traverse down a particular branch path to follow a particular conversation, or you can see all comments descended from the comment you selected.
- When viewing comments for an article or video, clicking the star button in the toolbar allows you to save the current board. Your saves will appear on the Forum page for easy tracking without having to find the specific article every time you want to check for new posts. Clicking on the button again will remove the current board.
- You may save specific comments you are interested in seeing replies to by clicking the star button for the desired comment. These will be available in the Saved tab for that specific board. You can remove a saved post by clicking the star button again. Saving comments will automatically save the board into the Forum. Unsaving a board will also remove all saved comments.
- If you are logged in, the Replies tab allows you to see people's direct replies to your posts. However, it will only show replies to posts that have been saved. When you post a new comment, it will automatically be saved. If you want to ignore replies to a post, unsave it.
- When posting, hover over the editor to see a list of tags you can apply to format your text.
- If you find any bugs, report it here. If the website breaks all of a sudden, I might have done some restructuring. Try clearing your cookies and cache.
ChockrickBearNov 3, 2018 10:54pm EDT
[t]Nov. 3, 2018 - About Reviews updated[/t]
I re-check my review criteria every now and then to account for new insights I have. I have updated some of the wording to be less vague and better encompassing.
ChockrickBearDec 1, 2018 8:03pm EST
[t]Website update[/t]
I have been working on some improvements to the website, so expect to see changes soon. If the website breaks the next time you visit, refresh the browser. If that doesn't work, clear your browser cache and cookies and try again. As for the new features:

- The comments board utilizes the horizontal scroll axis to display replies to better reflect the branching nature of multi-user discussion. If your mouse has a tilt wheel, you can use that to easily scroll across open panels. On a mobile browser, you can swipe horizontally.
- The comments board interface has been cleaned up to make better use of screen space. The comment view buttons have been moved into the board title. If the title of the board is wider than your screen, you can scroll horizontally to find the buttons. You can toggle the new comment box by just clicking on the New Comment button.
- Comment share button gives you a URL that is automatically copied to clipboard instead of reinitializing the board with just the chosen comment and requiring you to manually copy the URL from the address bar.
- Promotion board added. Use it to promote good gaming content instead of filling up the other boards that are intended for discussion.
- Article slide shows utilize a similar horizontal snapping as the new comments board, eliminating the need for separate buttons to scroll the slides. You can still click on the scroll bar in the direction you want and it will snap to the next slide.
- Articles save your progress 2 seconds after you stop scrolling, whereas before, it ran on an interval that kept checking if the scroll position has changed.
ChockrickBearDec 19, 2018 4:58pm EST
[t]RSS feed for forums added[/t]
[b]Update 2:[/b] The 'Exclude' variable has been added to omit posts of a specific user such as your own. Use '&' to separate multiple variables. However, it only supports one user. Examples:
[q] User[/q]

[b]Update:[/b] I have added a feed for replies to a specific user. By default, it will show replies to me, but you can edit the URL of the feed to show replies to any user. When you check the feed URL it should look something like this:
Replace my user name with your user name and it should work.

I highly recommend using a dedicated feed reader that supports notifications (I'm currently using Feedbro). All titles start with the author's name followed by a colon, so you can set a rule to filter out notifications for your own posts. Also, since I have a slow, inconsistent release schedule, you can set a notification for the regular content feed.
ChockrickBearSep 8, 2019 12:02pm EDT
[t]Donations are available on the menu[/t]
If you like my work and want to help ensure my future as an influencer, donate! The money pays for hosting fees as well as make producing my style of content profitable enough to sustain it over the long term. Because I go for quality over quantity, I have a slow release schedule, which makes ad-based monetization not viable. Some games or topics may be harder to cover than others and I cover games as a gamer, not as a click-baiter. I don't run ads mainly because I think they are intrusive and privacy-invading, and I do not pay-wall anything to maximize the spread of my ideas. I consider voluntary payment to be the most pro-consumer way of generating revenue when digital content has practically no unit cost to distribute. It ensures that every dollar I make is well-earned through your uncoerced, good faith. You can also share my work on social media to help me reach a bigger audience, especially since self-promotion is generally looked down upon.

Thanks in advance!
ChockrickBearSep 27, 2019 2:08pm EDT
[t]RSS feed now uses rss.xml instead of rss.php, please update if you are subscribed to rss.php[/t]
In hindsight, I realized that there is no point in dynamically generating an RSS feed every time your feed reader checks for new content, so now the file is static and only generated when I upload content. This does not apply to the forums, which still uses rss_forum.php since it needs dynamic generation to be useful.
ChockrickBearOct 3, 2019 5:02pm EDT
[t]A gamer's model of gender, toxicity, and diversity updated[/t]
I have updated the article with some wording improvements under the following headings:
- Legally enforced ideology
- Male objectification
- Inclusive hypocrisy
- Inclusive authoritarianism
ChockrickBearNov 22, 2019 9:56pm EST
[t]Website update[/t]
Image slide shows in articles have been updated to have less janky scrolling. Now, they can be freely scrolled and will only snap to the current slide after a small delay. This also fixes a bug where trying to rapidly scroll would cause the slide show to go into an endless animation loop where it cannot decide which slide it is on. Clicking on the images now advances the slide, which is easier for those who do not have a tilt wheel mouse or are using a phone.
ChockrickBearFeb 22, 2020 4:59pm EST
[t]About ChockrickBear updated[/t]
I have updated [l=]my article[/l] to better reflect what my work is about, including an added section to my history summarizing my evolution into conservative thinking.
ChockrickBearApr 9, 2020 1:54am EDT
[t]Assetto Corsa Car Setup Guide updated[/t]
I have improved the wording to be more coherent and complete.
[b]Update[/b]: Added additional information to travel and packer settings, and revised suggested settings to be less risky.
[b]Update 2[/b]: Added more information to the Aero section. Removed a dubious statement on the relationship between camber and travel.
ChockrickBearApr 12, 2020 11:41am EDT
[t]Promotion forum removed and policy updated[/t]
I have decided to remove the promotion forum because the line between promotion and adding to discussion is blurry depending on the content. If you are like me and are in the business of ideas, your own content may add to the discussion and be self-promotion at the same time. I also doubt most people would look through the promotion forum on a regular basis, so from a marketing standpoint, separating it deliberately hobbles exposure. Therefore, you can use the general discussion forum to promote yourself, subject to limitations I have explained in my updated [l=]Policy[/l]. Basically, you may only promote content about video games, philosophy, or politics and you may not spam.
ChockrickBearApr 27, 2020 7:18pm EDT
[t]About Reviews updated[/t]
I have added to the star rating descriptions to be a bit more specific, rewritten my view on difficulty to better justify my preference of easier over harder, and clarified points throughout.