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Note: These policies are subject to change over time as new situations arise.


My content is personally biased

While I go to great lengths to explain and justify my points, my work is ultimately my own opinions. I am not obligated to be neutral and I will not censor my content to appease politically sensitive viewers. You are expected to exercise your own critical judgment of my work instead of taking it at face value.

I have no release schedule

I'm not going to release something until I'm pretty confident about it, so I can't guarantee a set release schedule. My work demands plenty of mental gymnastics to come up with worthwhile ideas and word them properly. Therefore, I need a lot of time to premeditate, construct coherent arguments, and rethink them. I'm also highly introverted, so I'm not a fast communicator. My website has an RSS feed you can use to quickly check for new content.

Forums and Discussion

I do not censor opinions

I believe in the principle of free expression. Learning is not just about obtaining knowledge, but also exploring different ways of thinking. If there's an idea you don't like, explain why it's wrong. If you can't give solid reasoning, then you have to re-evaluate your own position. Think before you post. Know when to admit defeat and change your views accordingly.

Post relevant comments and don't spam

Comments that have nothing to do with the topic at hand or comments that repeat the same message over and over again are subject to being deleted. You may use the General Discussion board to discuss any topic, but please don't fill up the boards with non-discussion posts. Use of my system for scamming, leaking personal information, or organizing criminal activity is not allowed.

You may self-promote gaming or related content

As a website owner myself, I understand that it can be difficult for new creators to get any kind of exposure, especially since search and recommendation algorithms only care about popularity while community forums look down on self-promotion while allowing repeated exposure of established creators. However, I also understand that allowing anyone to promote anything will fill up the boards with irrelevant content that will distract from discussion. Therefore, you may make only one post in the general discussion forum and your content must be about video games, philosophy, or politics. Do not just post a link, introduce yourself and explain your content. You may also link to your own content in reply to someone, but it must be in direct response to the post.

Posts are subject to be deleted at any time

The forums are not for permanent storage of information. Posts will be deleted if the forums get too big and slow.


I do not collect personal information

I only collect information for providing the features of this website and investigating security issues. My server stores aggregate view counts, your forum posts, your user name and encrypted password, and your login date. However, I use Cloudflare for content delivery, which does its own analytics and has its own privacy policy.

Personalized information is saved locally in your browser

Features of this website enable personalized display of information for convenient access, such as saved comments and your last viewed items. These are stored in your web browser via local storage, which is not transmitted to the server unlike cookies. If you use a public computer, you will have to clear the browser history before you leave.

Contact information

If you need to contact me in private, you can send me an e-mail: [email protected]

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